​Name                                  Class of or        Will Attend    Total         Friday Night @        Saturday BBQ       Saturday Night       Sunday
                                       Years Attended       Yes/No    Attendees    The Marina Yes/No   Lunch Yes/No     JD McCliments    Brunch Yes/No

Johnnie Stones                     '67                                                                                                          

Barbara Ranzau Taylor           '69 ?                    Yes                                   Yes                         Yes                     No                    Yes

Roger Holloway                    '77 (5 yr. plan)      Yes            1                    Yes                        Yes                    Yes                    No

David Cohen                        1969-'71               Yes            1                    Yes                        Yes                    Maybe               Maybe

Janet Willits                         1974-'76                Yes           1                      No                        Yes                     No                     No
Mark Block                            '70                   Wants to

David Schlafman                    '70                    Wants to

Amy Speiser Vaughn              '75                     Yes              1                     Yes                      Yes                    Yes                    No

Neil R. Friedman                1967-'70          Looking for a ride from NYC

Barry Hathorne                    1966-'68               Yes               1                    Yes                        Yes                    Yes                  Yes

Thomas Porter                        '72                    Yes

Dana Mordini                          '76                    Wants to

Dana Merydith Winkler            '74                    Yes                1                   Yes                      Yes                      Prob              Yes

Nancy Gross Alexander            '74                    Yes               1                     Yes                           Yes              Yes                   No

Linda Fillipi                         1969-'72              Yes                1                     Yes                        Yes                  Yes                 Yes

Jane MacRae                            '76                   Yes                2                  Yes                        Yes                    Yes                  No

​Hinda Schuman                        '69                    No

Peter Finch                             '73                    Yes

Karen/Paul Gustafson             '69                    Yes               2                    Yes                            Yes                    Yes                Yes

Colleen Jacobson                 1976-'78             No

Jenny Heron                        1977-'78            Wants to

Mary Ellen Price                    1976-'78            Wants to

​No name given                                             Wants to

No name given                                               No

Penny BB Center                    '74                    Yes

No name given                                            Wants to

No name given                                                Yes

No name given                                                Yes

Michael Hanrahan                1977-'78            Wants to

No name given                                             Wants to

Steve Mutter                                                Wants to

Marilee Tuomanen                  '76                    Yes          1                    Yes                                Yes              Yes                 No

No name given                                            Wants to

No name given                                                Yes

Betsy Roach                            '76                    Yes           1                Yes                                Yes                Maybe            Maybe

Andy Stone                            '75                      Yes          1                Yes                                Yes                   Yes                No

Gary Pallman                         '75                      Yes           1                Yes                                Yes                Yes                Yes

Louis Sorrentino                    '72                     Yes         1                  Yes                                  Yes                Yes                Yes

​No name given                                               Yes

​No name given                                                Yes

Jeri Cole MacDonald                1972-'76            Yes     1                    Yes                                  Yes                Yes                Yes

Beth Danies Steele                1971-'74              Yes

Gretchen Law                        '74                       Yes

Susan Curtis Ifergen             1972-'75            Wants to

Susan Auslander                    '74                      Yes            1            Yes                                    Yes                        Yes            Yes

Burt Cohen                            '72                    Yes            1            Yes                                        Yes                     Yes            Yes

No name given                                               Yes

No name given                                                Yes

​No name given                                                Yes

Barbara Meyer                        '72                    Yes           1                No                                    Yes                        No               No

Susan Apgar                          1972-'74            Yes        1                    Yes                                    Yes                    Yes               Yes

Steve Autio                            '75                     Yes       1                   Yes                                    Yes                    Yes               Yes

Anthony Diberardo                '75                     Yes        1                    Yes                                    Yes                    Yes               Yes

Marilee Cavanaugh                '76                    Yes

Susan Frishberg                     '74                    Yes           1                   Yes                                    Yes                    No                No

Hilarie Jenkins                        '75                 Yes            1                    Yes                                    Yes                    Yes                No

Hester Wiese & Billy Kanakaris         '76            Yes        2                Yes                                        Yes                   Yes                Yes

Billy Silverstein                          '76                  Yes        1               Yes                                        Yes                    Yes                No
Beth Silverstein                       '77                     Yes        1              Yes                                        Yes                    Yes                No

Rafe Scheinblum            1979-1973 (just writin' em down) 1           Yes                                       Yes                    Yes                Yes
Gwen Ayers                            '75                   Yes              1        Yes                                           Yes                   Yes                Yes

Debbie Kasper (self-coronated queen) 1929 (Ditto) Yes     1           Yes                                        Yes                    Maybe            No

Sally Daykin                            '75                   Yes             1            Yes                                        Yes                    Yes                Yes

Paul Flanagan                        '75                    Yes           1            Yes                                        Yes                    Yes                No

Barbie Greenhoe                    1975                Yes              1            Yes                                        No                    No                No

Eliza Greenhoe                        ?                     Yes

Tricia Priest                            '76                    No

Paul Dedell (valedictorian-hate that guy) '77   Yes

Martha Moravec                       '77                  Yes            1            Yes                                        Yes                    Yes              Maybe

David Florence                  '77 (five yr. plan 6?)    Yes        1            Yes                                        Yes                    Yes                No

Ava Wolf                                '76                   No

John Cook                           1973-'75            Yes             1            Yes                                      Yes                      "No Thank You"

Liz Gram                                '76                   No

Babien Babnis                        '76'                Yes                1            Yes                                       Yes                     Yes                Maybe

Michael  Bird                           '76                   Yes            1            Yes                                        Yes                    Yes                Yes

David Eggars                            ?                   Yes              1

Georgie Lang                          '78                Yes              1            Yes                                        Yes                     Yes                No

Dwight Patton                     1975-'78(3 Year plan) Yes    1            Yes                                            Yes                    Yes                No

Steven Gottlieb                        '78                Yes            1            Yes                                           Yes                    Yes               No   

Glen Anderson                           ?            Wants to

Rhonda Scott                           '76 ?             No

Tony Townsend                        ?            Presumably

Laura Saltzman-Trazzi             '75                No

Judy Gelb                          1971-'73            Sadly No

Nick Polak                            1975           Unsure/prob. no

Richard Ribb                     1970-'71            Yes            1                No                                         Yes                        Yes               No

Cyndy Fine                        1972-'73            Yes           1                Yes                                        Maybe                    Maybe          No

Jeri Cole MacDonald                '76                Yes          1                Yes                                         Yes                            Yes            Yes

Hayward McKee                 1974-'76            Yes            1               Yes                                        Yes                            Yes            No

Carl Stewart                            '74                No

​George Warrington             1972-'74            Yes            2                No                                        Yes                            No            No

Fran Liebowitz Lindblom            '71               No

Joan Houser                        1975-'78            No "Change the date."

Eileen Morrison Parkman            '76                Sadly No

David Gartner                        1974-'76          No wish I could

Wes Livesey                                '72                Yes        1                   Yes                                    Yes                            Yes            No

Allyson Krowitz                        '76                    Yes        1                Yes                                    Yes                              Yes            Yes

Rebecca Epps Caterall                '72                Yes           1                Yes                                    Yes                            Yes            Yes

Erika S Chamberlain                    '70                Yes            2                Yes                                    Yes                            Yes            Yes

Joanne LeGare                            '69                No

David Jenness                            '77                Yes            1                No                                    Yes                              Yes            Yes

George Kavalas                        1974-'75        Yes            2                Yes                                    Yes                             Yes            Yes

Kristin Deppman Allen                '76                Yes            1                Yes                                    Yes                        Possibly        Yes
George Allen                             '72                Yes            1                Yes                                    Yes                        Possibly         Yes

Kevin Swann                              1974-'76        Wants to

Harold Knutson                          1973-'77 ?       Wants to

Ted Hewitt                                '74                Yes                                Yes                                    Yes                        Yes                Yes

Aurthur & Carol Westing                                   Yes          2                  No                                     Yes                        No                No

Liz Butler                                                        Yes           2                Yes                                       Yes                        Yes            Yes (1)

Mark Creveling                        '68                    Yes           2                Yes                                      Yes                        No                No

David Fredericks                          '69                Hope to

Robert Kern                             1970-'73         Yes             1               Yes                                        Yes                      Yes                Yes

Robert Rhodes          Librarian 1964-'78            Yes                               Yes                                    Yes                        Yes              Yes

Prof. Steven Anderson               1968-'78         Yes

John Bagge                                    '66            Yes

Prof. Charles Fish                        1968-'76       Yes

Prof. Paul Nelsen                                              Yes

Nancy Apgar Olson                      1965-'67        Yes

John Rawley                                                    Yes

Nancy Taggart Remis                        '71            Yes

Prof. Orvis L. Rigsby Jr.                     Very sadly no

​Elizabeth Butler                                '76            Yes

Prof. Peter Galbraith                                          Yes

Neale Gilson                                1970-'78            Yes

Perry Kacik                                        '69           Yes

Chris Lundberg                                 '77               Yes

Lindley Spears                                   1971-'74      Yes

Prof. David Rohn                            1964-'76        Yes

John Ward                                        '72                Yes

Prof. Tom Wessels                            1976-'78        Yes

David Hughes (Canaanite)                   '74                Yes                            Yes                                Yes                        Yes            Maybe

​Tom Hartley                                      '58         No          Very disappointed no one from his era represented or notified of event

​Holly Neuman                                    '72            Yes                    1            Yes                             Maybe                     Maybe        Maybe

Tom Freiberger                                 '74            Yes                    1            Yes                              Yes                         Yes              Yes

Tracy Boyle                                                        No, Unfortunately cannot

James Littlefield                            1968-'69        No

William Johnson                               '71 No  "heard about it too late. No hotels avail. middle of leaf season. Not too smart."

Henry Lee                                        '69                Wants to

Lucille Messina                                '70                 Yes                    1            Yes                                No                        No              No

David Parker                                   '70                  Yes                  1             Yes                                No                        No            No

Marty Schwartz                            1971-'73            Yes                 1              Yes                                Yes                        Yes          Yes

Chris Lundberg                                '77                Yes                   1            Yes                                Yes                        Maybe    Maybe

Stephen McCarty                          1976-'77        Yes                    1            Yes                                  Yes                        No            No

Don Kabler                                    '71                    No

Deborah Stonehouse                        '76                No

Catherine Fitzgibbons                    1972-'75            No can't make this date

Brad Bucklin                                    '74                    Yes                1            Yes                                Yes                        Yes            Yes

Bill Hatch                                    "3 years"            Yes                   2            Yes                                Yes                           ?              No

​Terrian Barnes                               1973-'76           Yes                 2             Yes                                Yes                        No             No

Judith Stamer Thomas                        '78                Yes                1            Yes                                  Yes                    Not sure        No

Tony Hecht                                    '74                    Yes!               1            No                                Yes                           Yes            No

Beth Steele                                   1971-'74            Yes                1            Yes                                Yes                        Yes            No

John Gaynor                                    '76                    Yes               2            Yes                                Yes                        Yes            Yes

David Cantor                                1971-'74             Yes                1            Yes                                Yes                        No            Maybe

Irene Ferrara                                 1974-'76            Yes                1            Yes                                Yes                        Yes            Maybe

Babbie Reid Swan                           1973-'75            No

John Dennington                                '71                Yes                2            Yes                                Yes                            No            No

Beth Van Dijk                                    '72                    No

Rob Muller                                    1970-'74            Yes                2            Yes                                Yes                        No              Yes

Roberta Gordon                                   '72                Yes              1         Yes                                    No                        No              No

Joanne Frobel                                    '72                Yes                2            Yes

Bob Bergman                                   ?                    Yes                1            Yes                                Yes                        Yes            Maybe

Dale Smith Eggers                                                No

Laurence Hunt                                '74                   Yes                2            No                                Yes                        Yes            No

John Rawley                                    '72                  Yes                 2            Yes                                Yes                       Yes            Yes

Nancy Americo                                '76                Yes                    1           Yes

Chris Simpson                                '73                    No

Tony Rea                                        '73                Yes                    1            Yes                                No                        No            No

Rich Balouskus                                '74                Yes                    1            Yes                                No                        No            No

Steve Mutter                                    '73                Yes                   1            Yes                                No                       No             No

Doug Walker                                    '75                Yes                    1            Yes                                No                       No            No

Rosilyn King                                    '69                No

Mario Leslie                             1968-'70              Yes                      1            Yes                               Yes                      Yes            Yes

Neil Ehrenkrantz                       1972-'73              No

Robert Scanlon                             '76                   Yes                    1               ?                                    ?                        Yes            No

Tom Minich                           just enough             Yes                    1            Yes                               Yes                         ?               No

​Stephen Goldberg                         '73                   Yes                    1            Yes                                No                        No            No

Danny Drogin                                '72                    No

Mary Americo                                '75                    Yes                   1            Yes                                No                        No            No

Judith Shapiro                                '74                    Yes                   1            Yes                                Yes                     Yes            No

Cathy Wright Nelson                    1971-'74            Yes                    2             No                                Yes                      No            No

Richard Spruchman                     1967-'76               Yes                   2            Yes                                Yes                        Yes         Yes

Beth Stephens Downing                  '70                    No

John A. Hamill             '63 (Earliest known grad coming!) Yes!            2           Yes                                Yes                        Yes       No         

​Burt Cohen                                    '72                    Yes                    1            Yes                              Yes                        Yes        Yes

Kelly Lee                                        '71                  Yes                    1            Yes                                Yes                        Yes        Yes

Art Coates                                     '73                    No

The First Last Big Windham College Alumni Reunion

September 25, 26, 27 2015
Updated 9/24/15.
Here is the list of who is or is not coming. Those marked "Wants to" have indicated they want to see who else is coming before they commit. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go back to the main reunion page and fill in the form all of the way so we can plan better. If you said previously you were coming and don't see your name on the list, you either didn't provide it or else you are on another list we do not yet have. The more info and people we have, the closer we are to an organized Saturday night event!!
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