The First Last Big Windham College Alumni Reunion

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September 25, 26, 27 2015
Whole Lotta Love
​Here is WHAT'S HAPPENING at the upcoming all year reunion. 
Landmark College is having its Alumni Homecoming Saturday Sept. 26-Sunday Sept.27, 2015 in conjunction with its 30th Anniversary. 

Windham College Alumni have been invited to join Landmark in celebrating their anniversary.

What is Happening For Sure
The Landmark Administration have been very gracious and effusive in their belief that their campus is our campus too. We believe it is not their fault what happened to us. 
Johnnie Stones, Class of '67 and Windham College's last president.
Windham Alumnus Recently spotted at J.D. McCliment's Pub in Putney.
Individual Group Events
Re-built Putney Gen. Store.
May the original rest in peace and may those who burned it burn in Hell.
Teddy! There's good news! There are a ton of people showing up at J.D. McCliment's Saturday Night!!
This Reunion, to paraphrase "The Donald', is going to be hUGE, it's going to be TERRIFIC!!! If you are not there we will talk about you.
The use of the word we on this page is the royal we and refers to Roger Holloway who is wholly irresponsible for the  sarcastic remarks unsanctioned by the WCAA.
Please fill out the form  at the bottom of this page even if you have already registered. We need more info from you. We hope to see you there!
Friday September 25
The Windham Alumni Association is hosting a welcoming gathering at The Marina in Brattleboro from 6 to 9 PM. H'ors d'oevres will be served along with a cash bar. 
Saturday September 26
11:30 AM to 12 Noon: Hendricks Dorm now known as Middle Hall by Landmark will be renamed Alumni Hall. The once missing but recently rediscovered Windham College sign will be permanently installed in the Alumni Hall garden. 
(wonder if the same guys who stole the Santa's Land Santa had it?)
12 Noon to 1:30 PM: BBQ Lunch on the Quad hosted by Landmark. This event is free but ONLY if you preregister. Landmark needs a head count and despite our WC inclinations we want to be polite. 
(In other words please don't just crash the party like the old days!)
Saturday Night September 26 Update...Update...Update!!!!!
There is no formally announced event/big party scheduled. HOWEVER now all the cool kids are going to gather starting at 8:30 PM at J.D. McClimint's Pub adjacent to the campus!! You may remember it as Shamans or Joe's bar or Frank's bar.​ 
We Expect a big turnout and plan on having a lot of fun at the old watering hole. Have dinner on your own and then come on out to J.D.'s for an old time Windham party!! They have promised to overstock the bar and add wait staff!
Amy Speiser Vaughn recommends Katy's in Putney for dinner and Cyndi Fine suggests Cafe Loco's Farmer's Rock in Westminster from 5 to 8 PM for al fresco dining and live music! 

3:30 PM: Dedication and grand opening of the Landmark McFarland Science, Technology and Innovation Center. Open to the public with tours provided.
Sunday September 27
10:30 AM to 12 Noon: All are invited to "Brunch" at the Landmark Cafeteria. $9 at the door. Preregistration required.
We strongly encourage former members of Windham Departments of study, Windham Abroads and other teams or clubs to form their own individual events and to contact your long lost compatriots. There are plenty of Happy Hours that can be built into this weekend! Some are already scheduled.
​(Note:The Alumni Assoc. has politely asked us not to refer to the Theatre Dep't as snobby but we regret we cannot conform to that p.c.'ness at this time.)
Please fill out this form even if you are NOT attending. Please enter your name and grad year and/or years attended so your buddies will know if you are coming! Then hit submit.