Part 2. Windham College Student Body
The students at Windham College were mostly a carefree, peaceful group indicative of the collegiate mood around the country at that time. Yes, there were the occasional drunken brawls and lethal drug overdoses but no unfortunate lethal shootings of unruly, longhaired peace protesters by the National Guard like other places. There was that one little hostage taking incident in the fall of 1973 when a finger was shot off but we’re on a roll here so let’s continue to focus on the positive! But it wasn’t all peace and love. Exclusionary cliques formed among various groups 

based on region of origin, fields of study and “other” interests. None were more vicious than 
those in the theatre department. A truly heinous and conniving cadre of individuals not above backstabbing and infighting amongst themselves. None were worse than some women vying for parts in plays. The things some of those girls would do….. 

"I wonder what Freud would think about all of this?"
Mostly, though, Windhamites were decent young people with only the occasional bad apple. But there was one so loud, so obnoxious, so convinced she was the center of the known universe (and possibly beyond) that she became 
known as Putney Enemy Number One. It has been rumored over the years that she escaped to Southern California where apparently such individuals are hard to distinguish from one    another. 
Recent purported photo of Putney Enemy Number One taken in West Hollywood,CA.
 Citation Needed
At least we can all agree that there is absolutely no room now among Windham College survivors for anything that would divide our small and dwindling group of alumni!!! WE ARE ONE!!!
Part 3. Windham College Whippersnapper Club
For many decades after the demise of our beloved college there was little communication among the alumni and former faculty; a couple of reunions that drew far too few and some individuals who kept up with each other but not enough. Then with the advent of social media, especially Facebook, all of that changed at least for those who were savvy enough to navigate the internet. Sadly there are some who cannot. We must reach out to them… Thanks to the efforts of Czar Tony Townsend and Barbie Greenhoe, FB pages were created that reunited long lost comrades who reminisced with stories and lies of days gone by, mostly good humored and heartwarming (apart from the infernally annoying Annette and Bobbi) with only the occasional digital scuffle. All was well again with the Windham World.
And then it happened. The notion was put forth on the WCS FB page that those who attended after 1968 had missed out on the real Windham. That the period after 1968 was nothing more than a "wasteland" when nothing important went on. There was pushback from some of the post Summer of Love crowd. Cooler heads tried to intervene and calm down the controversy but a firestorm erupted! The battle got ugly and the war raged on for weeks and months (well maybe a couple of days but you know…) Finally it was decided that those who attended after 1968 were nothing more than inconsequential children (even though most had enrolled 40 or more years earlier)!! Really they were no more than WHIPPERSNAPPERS undeserving of respect or recognition from the sage crowd that came before them! So it was decided; if we are Whippersnappers we might as well act like whippersnappers and thus was born The Windham College Whippersnapper Club for the post 1968 crowd when nothing of any import really happened either at the school or elsewhere in the world for that matter!
Birth of the Whippersnapper
This idea caught on and became a monumental movement (maybe it was a tremor) with pride swelling among the Whippersnapper Nation! Jealousy and discontent broke out among some of the pre 1968 WC attendees and many who had enrolled prior to ’68 but finished serving their time after that were concerned they would be excluded. So it was decided after much deliberation by a very studious and wise committee (of one) that the definition of a Windham College Whippersnapper would be: 
Anyone who attended WC any time from the Fall of 1968 until its closing is a Whippersnapper. Those who were pre/post Fall ’68 are included in the very important and diplomatic "Whippersnapper Crossover Category." The other qualification is you must have originally enrolled more than 40 years ago, which leaves a very special few "Whippersnappers in Waiting." Once they become full fledged there will be no more new Whippersnappers and once we are all gone? No more Whippersnappers!!!
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Whippersnapper Crossover Poster Child
Whippersnapper in Waiting
​Rumors that Government snipers were stationed on the library roof in 1975 to take out criminal cafeteria tray sliders but were never given the "shoot order" because the school "President" at the time could not be sobered up for 72 hours have gone unsubstantiated.