noun: hwi-pər-ˌsna-pər
1. a young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident.
2. a young person who annoys older people by being very confident and acting like someone important
Whippersnapper Etcetera
Non-Disclaimer of Content
The creators of this website willingly admit to the use of some plagiarized copy and unauthorized use of images. But like true Whippersnappers, we don't care! This site does not represent Windham College in any official capacity but considering there is no more Windham College, that might not be possible anyway! Its just for fun.
Special Thanks
We here at Whippersnapper Central would like to thank the following people:
Barbara Ranzau Taylor for keeping the memories and legacy of Windham College alive along with other people. Barbara has been tireless in her efforts to preserve references to the school at Landmark and in archiving the important work of prominent professors. She has kept the Alumni Association alive with very little funding. She organized the general alumni reunions and is working on the next one. Hopefully we can use this website to help her in any way we can to make the "Next Big Last Windham College Reunion" the best ever with the biggest turnout ever from all of the alumni! 

Johnnie Stones, Windham Alumnus and the last school president was dealt a very bad hand when he came  on board. He inherited a very bad situation and circumstances created by others, yet he has steadfastly stood by the school since its closure and is still one of its biggest cheerleaders. 
Tony Townsend and Barb Greenhoe for creating and administrating the Windham College Facebook pages that have reunited so many alumni and made some new friends and combatants as well!

Landmark College who have been the stewards of our campus for over twice as long as we were there. The people at Landmark have never shied away from the history of Windham College and have acknowledged in many ways its important contributions to their own history. We will not be surprised if Whippersnapper shirts show up on the current and past Landmark students! The work being done there is very praiseworthy.
Whippersnapper spawn Hayley of "Hayley and The Perpetrators" and her team for finished Whippersnapper artwork and technical support.
Hayley and The Perpetrators
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We would also like to thank all of the Windhamites who made very good shirt design suggestions on Facebook. We appreciate it very much and like any self-respecting Whippersnapper, we ignored them all!